Iron Anthems Split Tape

by Beardown & Seconds of Peace

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released April 2, 2015



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Track Name: Beardown & Seconds of Peace - Iron Anthems
These iron anthems will remain until we’re old
We keep the attitude
while the world is growing cold

For all who built this up
Who keep it all alive
This unique hideaway gibes shelter from the strife
These iron anthems will remain until we’re old
We keep the attitude
while the world is growing cold

Seconds of Peace – Beardown
Buidling Iron Anthems

No matter where your way has stated
Come out- hang out
But be true hearted

For all who built this up
Who keep it all alive
This unique hideaway gibes shelter from the strife
These iron anthems will remain until we’re old
We keep the attitude
while the world is growing cold
Track Name: Seconds of Peace - Final Call
left with all the pieces then/ forced to fix my head/ forced to start again/ standing on the edge of losing it all/ uncertain to the the bone/ forced to restart it all/ foundations seem so fragile when you don't find something to fall back on
i was such a fool/ invested my trust/ bury it all/ i buried it all in the past/
it's all in the past
no longer blind to the choices i missed/ no more hiding from the emptiness/ no more drowning in my shame 'cause it made me the person i am/
the person i am today
this is my final call to be alive/ won't let the past define who i'll be/
i'm giving all that's left of me/
and i'm gonna use it...
Track Name: Seconds of Peace - Hollow Youth
i walk around these crowded streets all i see is greed/ i see despise in the eyes of the mentally weak/ wrong priorities/ forced, jaded, broken views/ superficialty marks a hollow youth/
are we the victimized? /Are we the ones that point the gun?/
who are you praying to when all the good is left undone?
And i spreads like a disease/ everyday it's nagging at me/ this is sickening me/
became a realist not a pessimist
am i the only one who sees the knives swinging over this world?
Track Name: Seconds of Peace - No more Games
You feel the noose getting tight around your neck/ you face a dead end/
it is time to act/
i've lost touch with the chains i've been given/
i've lost faith in the life i've been living/
you're tumbling and falling/ so afraid of change/ dragging your guts/ blinded by your own rage/
a new light that is shed on the horizon/ i might have shed some skin but i'm alive and i'm still striving/ this solid bond i hold straight to my heart/
we are the ones that are invisible/ meet us in the dark/
it all comes down to the giving and the taking/ i found a real thing don't need your medication/ this solid bond i hold straight to my heart/ go try to shatter me/
i won't fall apart/
you choose to stand or to live on your knees to let it rot inside or break free and release/ 'cause in the end it will all be in vain if you don't trust yourself/
you will give in to the insane/
no more games
Track Name: Beardown - Close Friend
The times that I felt down
I was sure, you would pick me up
Not afraid of failure
Our journey was our reward
We shared everything
Even the dreams that never came through
Thought actions speak louder than words

That greedy glint in your eyes
Forced me to realize
You gave up the convictions
We proudly lived by

Once you were
A close friend
But you have turned
Into my closest enemy

You been a sidekick Been a mate, a companion, see?!
Till the day you betrayed and abandoned me You remember?
Is it all forgotten? All for nothing, nothing at all,
I got it We’ve been heavy hearted And I cannot deny
The day you departed a part of me died
Pardon me, I gotta walk my line straight
You’re a wreck, a fool
No turning back for me From turning my back on you

When grudge chewed you up
You were not man enough
To resist the weight of desire
Dragging you away
As my closest enemy
You are my fuckin’ enemy
Track Name: Beardown - Minds on Fire
This time I feel
Idle threats won’t change my mind
They want us to believe
We are surrounded by enemies
They make people clutch at every straw
To gain power through our fear
Make the most of our ignorance

The drums of war won’t make me march
Though they once vowed to protect
They are evoking our blind fury
Wanna see the world burn
Make money of its ashes
It is hard to extinguish
a mind that is set on fire

I refuse to choose
between what’s wrong or right
How could I condemn
what I have never seen through my own eyes
Question every talk
Prove that we are not as apathetic
As they want us to be
Track Name: Beardown - Isolation
I have lost myself
While I was chasing my own dreams
I am lost in a world
where guilt is the lowest factor
Unable to define ourselves
We hunt the same delusions
Everyone looks the same
Displaying our bare lifes

I can’t recognize the other site anymore
Everything seems to dissolve in equality

I see the same pictures
I feel the same shadows
I hear the same screams
this iteration loop is the noose
around my neck

Isolation is shelter
Relentless to your apathy
No pressure will break my ground
Denial of society

Self Deception

Loss of self
In Equality